We conduct various workshops for teachers and parents on teaching methodology for different subjects at different levels. Our teacher training workshops is based on learning and activities together, making education a real fun experience for the children.
We have conducted teacher trainings for mathematics and science at various places like Darlaghat (Himachal Pradesh) with Ambuja Cement Foundation, Bhopal and Khidakiyan (M.P.) with Samvesh and a number of schools in Mumbai and rural Maharashtra.

Workshop on Primary Mathematics
A two day workshop aimed at demonstrating and learning primary mathematics using the do and discovers approach.

Topics in Middle School Mathematics
This workshop demonstrates activity based learning methodology to various topics in middle school mathematics. The workshop also involves developing a step by step teaching technique.

Middle School Science Workshops
Science workshops are aimed at arming the teachers with a first hand experience of novel experiments and discovery based learning approach. In the workshop we take up a few topics and do hands on activities with the participants.