Magic Square - A Tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan

Magic Square - A Tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan
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A Tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan

Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of India's greatest mathematical geniuses. The magic square with his birth date is quite known. But that is not all, he made substantial contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and worked on elliptic functions, continued fractions, and infinite series. As our tribute to this great man, we present here a few puzzles based on magic square and some games that will make you strategize and think.

Contents: boards and coins to play -

  • Puzzles :
    Magic Triangle - A multi level puzzle based on single digit addition
    Magic Square - 3x3 and 4x4 version Mathematical puzzle

  • Board Games :
    Last Two
    Three men Morris
    Odds & Even
    Pure Tac and many more

Rs. 120/-

Suitable for: children of age 6+

Practice English Words & Sentence formation in a fun manner.

The two biggest obstacles in mastering English are the lack of vocabulary and correct sentence forming. This game helps in practicing these in a fun manner. The game consists of three sets of alphabets (and sets of words) with which you can literally form hundreds of words and using the words on the reverse one can learn to form many different types of English constructs.

Contents: Word & Sentence Forming Game set


Rs. 1850/-

Suitable as: a Geography teaching aid for 8th standard.

Contour maps is one of the difficult to understand topics in school geography. Students find it difficult to understand and imagine mapping a three dimensional object to a two dimensional map. This teaching aid solves this problem in an innovative way.

Use this model to teach about different geographical forms, their representation on a contour map, how to draw contour maps, understand concept of isolines and much more.

A detailed instruction model is provided along with the kit. It contains information about different geographical forms, what are contour maps, how to teach them, exercise questions, sample lesson plan, additional information and isobar maps and a real contour map for additional practice

Contents: Topo modeller 3-D model, Board to draw contour maps, Instruction manual containing detailed instructions along with : a complete Lesson Plan, Exercise questions and additional information, Carrying bag


Rs. 295/-

Suitable for: children of age 6+

Counting with fingers is helpful in early stages when the child is learning numbers. But as he/she grows that habit must give way to doing sums 'mentally'.

NOVAVIA's 'Tiles'n Sums Games' will help your child to achieve this while having fun.

This game box contains a set of tiles with numbers on one side, stands and boards with which one can play a number of different games. The accompanying manual describes 9 different games that one can play using these. These games are designed such that they follow a child's natural learning pattern and help them easily pick the habit of doing sums mentally.

The practice of doing sums mentally will give them a confidence of mathematics and help eliminate finger counting habit. In addition on the reverse side the tiles have interesting patterns which kindle the child's artistic abilities as well as will learn more about patterns and symmetry.

Contents: 5 sets of 1-9 + blank numbered tiles, tile holder stands (3 Nos), board for different games, instruction manual for 10 different activities
Categorization: Board game


Rs. 275/-

Suitable for: children of Age : 8+, most suitable for children studying in 3-4 standard.
This game is an excellent tool to help students who have to learn multiplication and make them practice it and in the process remember tables up to 9.

With ten pebbles that you have your objective is to make maximum number of lines of three and four. Each time while deciding where you put the pebbles you will have to think what was your opponents last move and strategize whether the numbers you are blocking will help or prevent him/her from making a line. And in the process remember multiplication tables easily.
This game suitable for visually handicapped. The numbers on the board are written in brail as well as in Roman numerals.

Contents: Box, multiplica board, two sets of 10 coins, manual.
Categorization: Board Game.
Lesson Plan:
Revision of multiplication tables.Read Lesson Plan


Rs. 225/-

Suitable for: Children of Age 9+, most suitable for std 3, 4 and 5.
A learning aid for: Operations using single digit numbers.

The game is a race to travel from a remote Space Station to the Earth. There are 5 tracks, each with different number of stops. Each player moves in a track the player throws two dice at a time. They can advance only if the number on the next stop using a mathematical operation (+, -, , x ) on the two numbers obtained by throw of the dice. Players take turns to play and move in their respective tracts. One who reaches the Earth first wins!
Helps to improve : Operations on single digit, Concept of factors, mental maths , Class room use as a revision of single digit operations.

Contents: Box, space race board, a set of 5 space ship coins, two dice, manual.
Categorization: Board Game.
Lesson Plan:
Revision of mathematical Operations using Single Digit Numbers.Read Lesson Plan


Rs. 300/-

Suitable for: children in std 3 and above

For children who have started learning different mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division it is necessary that they get a habit of doing the simple sums mentally early. This set of two games will help your child do this. In both the games the child makes a mathematical operations (+, -, x, ) on the numbers obtained on the dice to decide his/her next move. The games use paper mache based space ships as coins in one game while the other one has beautifully coloured sea shells as coins. This game is a must if you want your child to not be afraid of mathematics and will boost his/her confidence.

Contents: Space race and River bridge board, 5 space ship coins, 30 coloured shells (3 colours 10 each). 1-6 dice, 1-3 dice, instruction manual
Categorization: Board Game

Lesson Plan:
Revision of mathematical Operations using Single Digit Numbers.Read Lesson Plan


Rs. 350/-

This is a great game enjoyed by children and adults alike. The child needs to know the concept of factor and multiple of a number (less than 100).
This works as a teaching aid to help do a revision of the concept of factors and multiples. While playing the game children will practice finding factors of a number.
After teaching basic concepts of factors and multiples the teacher can give this game to students to play with and make a mathematics class interesting and fun.
The board and coins can also be used to practice multiples of different numbers

Contents: Box, Factors & Multiples Game board, two sets of 20 coins, manual
Categorization: Board Game.
Lesson Plan:
1. Teaching sequence for studying the concept of factors of a number.Read Lesson Plan
2. Lesson plan for revision and practice of concept of factors and multiple.Read Lesson Plan
3. Puzzles based on factors of a number.Read Lesson Plan


Rs. 225/-

Suitable for: Children of Age : 11+, most suitable for children studying in Middle school, std 6, 7 and 8.
A learning aid for: Operations with signed numbers.

You and your friends are swimming in a pool. You may swim backward for forward depending on what you get in your throw of the two colored dice. Play and find out who reaches the finish line first and who comes second, third and fourth!
Class room use as a teaching aid in understanding multiplication with signed integers. During the game students will revise addition/subtraction with signed numbers.

Contents: Box, minus x minus board, a set of 4 coins, and one two colored un-numbered dice, two two-colored numbered dice, manual.
Categorization: Board Game.

Lesson Plan:
Multiplication of integer numbers or multiplication of signed numbers.Read Lesson Plan


Rs. 300/-

This game is based on familiar 'Tic Tac Toe' game but extends it by adding a numeral based board and new rules. The game involves strategy planning and mathematical thinking. While playing the game children will learn to form their own mathematical expressions and solve them while having fun

Contents: Box, Mathema Tic Tac Toe Game board, Two coloured coins, 3 dice.
Categorization: Board Game.

Lesson Plan:
Using mathematical expression and BDMAS rule.Read Lesson Plan


Rs. 350/-

Suitable for: children in std 5+

Science is best learnt by doing. The children have a natural curiosity and want to do things. Channel these natural tendencies to learn science. This crystal growing kit is the best way to introduce your child to the wonder world of chemistry. It uses harmless and safe chemicals. The process is very simple, one simply dissolves the given chemicals in water and keeps it undisturbed to allow the crystals to grow. Within days you will see some stunning crystals.

Content: All material you will need to grow the crystal - 5 different chemicals to grow crystals of different types and colour, 3 plastic containers to grow the crystals, 2 substrates made of brick, spoon, filter paper, test tube and detailed instruction manual
Categorization: Science Experiment kit

All the photographs shown on the box and in our advertisements are actual photographs of crystal made using the provided material. This can also be an excellent science project for display and in science fairs in the school.