About Us


Aamod is a postgraduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He has long experience in software. He has been associated with various NGOs (like Eklavya, Navnirmiti) promoting activity based education for many years. At present his focus is mathematics and science. He has conducted a number of science and mathematics workshops for teachers at various levels. He is also interested in environment and spreading awareness about nature among people.


Janki Sonalkar has done her bachelors in fine arts and a postgraduate diploma in Design from National Institute of Design, Ahemedabad. She has been on a fellowship at Burg - Giebichenstein University, Halle, Germany at the School of Art and Design and worked on design if toys for kindergarden. She has worked in various advertising and e-learning companies before joining to form NovaVia.

0UR PEDAGOGY (What We Stand For)

It is now more or less accepted that rote learning is not the best method of teaching at the school level. Educationists have suggested a number of different pedagogies and teaching approach right from the kinder-garden level. One aspect that is common in all the approaches that differ from rote learning is the use of different teaching aids and we at Nova Via Educational Tools are trying to bridge this gap. Our objective is to make available quality teaching aids to all.

Unfortunately in India the school education is still largely based on teacher imparting knowledge in the form of a lecture. It is now slowly changing and younger teachers are more aware of a need to deviate from the established pattern.

At Nova Via we take off from the pedagogy put forward by Janaki Sonalkar as part of her work in Germany and described in her final year dissertation. In this she blends different pedagogies for pre-primary and primary school education to suite present needs. We have extended her approach to middle and high school education. We have developed our pedagogy and teaching methods keeping roots firmly in the syllabus. We take the syllabus and the time frame as a given constraint. We have based our model on three main themes - Understanding, Experiencing and enjoying the process of learning. It is a very challenging task to develop a teaching scheme that adheres to making school subjects like science and mathematics enjoyable without demanding on additional time of school timetable. The Nova Via team puts in considerable time in research and evaluation of different innovative teaching aids that we come up. These teaching aids are backed by comprehensive field testing and rigorous quality checks before reaching the market.